Are you ready to create a safer space for your marginalized clients?

"I took a mentorship course with Ez which focused on intersectionality, fat liberation and interviewing clients. While I learned a lot about everything else, what I feel I most benefitted from was learning about Ez's unique interview process that they incorporate into their photography sessions.

As an Autistic person, I've always really struggled to connect with my clients, and show them that I do see and hear them. Having a scripted interview process, as well as clear directions on when and how they interview their clients, has been an invaluable resource for me. I've seen an immediate change in the feedback I receive from clients. Whereas before feedback was limited to the experience itself and how much fun they had, I am now getting messages from every single client about how comfortable they are with me, how safe and valued they feel, and how amazing it feels to be seen and heard."

"This was one of the best investments I've made for my business and I highly recommend anyone who works with marginalized people to seek out education with Ez!"

-Azalea Wedding Films 2021

Learn How to Do In-Depth Interviews with Clients

Learn the basics to interviewing your clients with an in depth personal approach to understanding their intersections of oppression. We will go over intro to intersectionality topics and you will be provided with a list of questions for your boudoir and other intimate portrait clients.

Affirming Trans and Non-Binary Clients

New to transgender issues? Just starting out with your education on how to be a good ally and business owner? This is for you. I will present you with the basic information and tools of allyship.

How to Attract More LGBTQIA+ Clients

As a member of many of those letter communities, I am well versed in how to create a brand that attracts LGBTQIA+ people and will trade my secrets on how to improve your own brand friendliness towards my community.

Hi, I’m Ezlan. You can call me Ez.

I'm a disabled autistic queer trans nonbinary person who practices polyamory and relationship anarchy. All these labels are important to me. I've fought for these labels my entire life, even before I had the words to describe who I was.

I'm a fierce activist, educator, and photographer from the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. I'm currently working towards becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a focus on trauma informed art therapy.

My passions are vast but the one thing I find most enjoyable is educating others and being heard. I've spent twelve years building my business into the most affirming space it can be. I've spent the last ten years studying and practicing feminism, and ultimately that shaped into a focus on intersectionality.